About Us


Founded in 1971, Lemon Bay Conservancy is a not-for-profit land trust based in Englewood, Fl.

Our long-range vision is:

” To forever protect and preserve the natural features of Lemon Bay, Charlotte Harbor, their surrounding waters and uplands, and vital fish and wildlife habitat, through property preservation, environmental education and advocacy for sustainable land and water conservation policies and practices.”

To support that long-range vision, we focus our mission in three areas:

          • Saving Land;
          • Environmental education; and
          • Advocacy for sustainable environmental policies.

Saving Land:   Over the years, the Lemon Bay Conservancy has been involved in saving hundreds of acres of land from development.  We work with individuals, businesses, government agencies, and other environmental groups to create conservation corridors for the protection of our water supply, to deter storm surge, to provide critical habitat for wildlife, and to sustain the quality of life enjoyed by residents and visitors to our communities.

Often, the land we help to protect, is placed into public ownership.  In other cases, private land owners choose to forever preserve the natural resources on their properties through conservation eastements.  And, in some situations, Lemon Bay Conservancy becomes the land owner.  In 2010, Lemon Bay Conservancy purchased the 80-acre Wildflower Preserve property and initiated restoration efforts.  More recently, we acquired 10-acres of wetlands on Thornton Key.

The first (left) map below show properties currently under Lemon Bay Conservancy ownership.  The second map shows some of the properties that we have helped to preserve.

View Lemon Bay Conservancy Owned Properties in a larger map         View Lemon Bay Conservancy Facilitated Properties in a larger map

Environmental education:  Lemon Bay Conservancy periodically hosts programs and events designed to enhance public understanding of environmental topics.  In 2011, we began hosting a series of educational nature walks and open house events at Wildflower Preserve.  In 2014, are launching a new series of Environmental Safari Walks that focus on the terrestrial, freshwater wetland, and estuarine areas of the preserve.  We also publish brochures and newsletters on a variety of environmental topics.

Partnering with Mote Marine and the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, we are expanding scientific knowledge with the first ever study of juvenile tarpon in Lemon Creek at Wildflower Preserve.

Advocacy for sustainable environmental policies:  The Lemon Bay Conservancy board regularly reviews environmental issues that may impact the Lemon Bay and Charlotte Harbor areas and advocates for appropriate decisions.  Alone and hand-in-hand with other organizations we seek to serve as a voice for the people.   Addressing many issues, our comments are received as well considered and non-inflammatory.

To learn more about Lemon Bay Conservancy’s history, click here.

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