The 2015 Giving Challenge: Will You Help?

August 18, 2015




Giving Challenge UpdateThank You to everyone who contributed to LBC during the 24-hour Giving Challenge.  With your donations and estimated matching funds from The Patterson Foundation we raised over $8,244 for LBC!


Lemon Bay Conservancy is involved in many important projects.  We’re supporting student education initiatives, researching juvenile tarpon and snook growth patterns, restoring native habitats at Wildflower Preserve, and much more!

We rely on our donors and sponsors to fund our efforts.  Through the 2015 Giving Challenge, you have a special opportunity to double the impact of your donation!  Each “new” online contributor to Lemon Bay Conservancy during the 24-hour Giving Challenge will have your donation up to $250 matched dollar for dollar by the Patterson Foundation! (You’re a “new” contributor if you did not contribute online to LBC during last year’s Giving Challenge.)

The 2015 Giving Challenge runs from noon on Sep. 1 to noon on Sep. 2, so please participate!

Click on this link and make your donation:–inc

Or, go to, search for “Lemon Bay Conservancy”, and make your donation!

P.S.  If you have friends who may want to help, please forward this post to them.  Thanks!

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Founded in 1971, Lemon Bay Conservancy is a not-for-profit land trust based in Englewood, Florida. Our long-range vision is: "To forever protect and preserve the natural features of Lemon Bay, Charlotte Harbor, their surrounding waters and uplands, and vital fish and wildlife habitat, through property preservation, environmental education and advocacy for sustainable land and water conservation policies and practices." To support that long-range vision, we focus our mission in three areas: Saving Land; Environmental education; and Advocacy for sustainable environmental policies.

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