Wildflower Preserve Learning Loop Trail

January 11, 2014

Video, Wildflower Preserve

Wildflower Preserve is an abandoned Golf Course located in Grove City, Florida that was purchased by the Lemon Bay Conservancy and, through the dedicated work of volunteers, is being transformed into an educational nature preserve.

Lemon Bay Conservancy

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Founded in 1971, Lemon Bay Conservancy is a not-for-profit land trust based in Englewood, Florida. Our long-range vision is: "To forever protect and preserve the natural features of Lemon Bay, Charlotte Harbor, their surrounding waters and uplands, and vital fish and wildlife habitat, through property preservation, environmental education and advocacy for sustainable land and water conservation policies and practices." To support that long-range vision, we focus our mission in three areas: Saving Land; Environmental education; and Advocacy for sustainable environmental policies.

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