Butterfly Habitat and Wildflower Meadow

082 Apr2013_0038Adjacent to the preserve parking area, our volunteers are developing a butterfly habitat and a wildflower meadow.

The butterfly habitat has various areas that are designed to highlight different types of plants related to butterflies.  One section of the habitat focuses on native plants that require damp growing conditions.  A second area features low-growing native plants that grow in drier conditions.  A third area showcases shrubs that attract butterflies.

The “nectar garden” area features both native and non-native plants that serve as good nectar sources for butterflies.

Over 50 plant id signs have been placed in the habitat to identify the plants being observed and butterfly species for which each plant serves as a larval host.

Wildflower Preserve Butterfly SignThere is also a large butterfly identification sign that shows 12 common species in the preserve with information on their host plants and relative sizes.




In the Wildflower Meadow, we are growing a variety of native and Florida-friendly wildflowers.  Click here to see some of the Wildflowers that were growing in the meadow in the spring of 2013.

Important funding support for these projects has come from the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program (CHNEP), The Home Depot,Foundation and the Florida Native Plant Society.

Click here to see a video about the Butterfly Habitat.