Wildflower Restoration: A Video View

August 22, 2018

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This week at Wildflower Preserve, the Diversified Professional Services (DPS) construction team is continuing their clearing work in preparation for the wetlands expansion and elevation changes.  The burn pit operations described in our last project note have been delayed due to the high water table and challenges setting up the burn pit.  A metal frame for the burn pit has been delivered and burn operations should begin after the new setup is inspected.

As the clearing work continues, the areas where vegetation is being removed look “stark” with all the greenery removed.  But, what if we could look forward in time and get a perspective on how the areas will look after restoration?  In a video posted on our Lemon Bay Conservancy YouTube channel, Eva Furner, LBC board member and Wildflower committee chair, takes us to a spot near the center of the preserve to show us what it looks like today and give us a preview of what’s coming.

During the video, Eva is standing near the center of the preserve, at the location of the red dot on the map of Wildflower shown below.  (Sound volume on the video is somewhat low, so you may find you need to turn up your speaker volume to hear Eva’s voice.)  To watch the video, click here:
YouTube: A View of the Wildflower Restoration

The red star marks the video location

Have a question about the restoration project?  Send your question to Wildflower@LemonBayConservancy.org or give the office a call at 941-830-8922.

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